Mohamed’s murder

The captions in this slideshow provide a brief interpretation of the narrative by Mohamed’s family, but not a direct translation.

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One Response to “Mohamed’s murder”
  1. Sean Smith says:

    I am Canadian and my government shames me. They shame me with their wilfully blind support of the United States and the State of Israel in its illegal, and more importantly, immoral occupation and expansion. I would tell you to take heart, that there are people in the world who see the truth, but that would be meaningless coming from me in my safe, comfortable position far from where you struggle daily. My words have no effect on the situation of the Palestinian people. My efforts to learn the truth of your struggle have led me to send letters to the Prime Minister of my country, which of course have no effect. The strong do what they wish while the weak suffer as they must. Of course the militarily strong are politically, morally and spiritually weak while the Palestinians, while militarily weak are the toughest, most steadfast and courageous people to be found. As I said, my letters to the Prime Minister were wasted, but I have changed the attitude of my family, who used to believe what our news media in the West presented regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict: namely that the Palestinians are irrational, unreasonable aggressors who reject all offers of peace from Israel. If I can dispel one family’s illusions, I have to hope that if I keep learning, talking, and writing, I will have a part in bringing the truth to others. The leaders of nations will not act to help you until their populations become aware and force them to do so. I hope in this way to be of some small assistance.

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