PM Fayyad Picks Olives in Iraq Burin


In a gesture of solidarity with local farmers, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad kicked off the olive harvesting season yesterday with a visit to the northern village of Iraq Burin.

With Agriculture Minister Hikmat Zaid at his side, Fayyad helped villagers collect the staple crop and reinforce the Palestinian Authority’s position against the annexation of the village’s farmlands by Israeli settlers.

Iraq Burin suffers frequent land confiscation and agricultural destruction from the illegal Bracha settlement nearby.

When asked by village council chief Abd Al-Rahem Qadous whether the PA has any intentions of supporting local water, road and agricultural projects, Fayyad responded that these projects will be completed “eventually.”

Qadous added that Fayyad came to the village of his own accord and headed directly to the olive trees upon arrival.

No one in the Prime Minister’s office could be reached for comment.


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