IDF fires illegal tear gas canisters at internationals

On Saturday 3rd June at the weekly protest against the illegal Israeli occupation in Iraq Burin, Palestine, Israeli soldiers fired metal tear gas canisters directly at protesters- around 30 villagers, along with 5 internationals from the US, UK, Australia and Norway.

It is permissible under the law to fire such canisters in an arc to disperse crowds, but completely illegal to use them as, effectively, bullets, by firing them at people.

The IDF has a history of doing this at peaceful protesters, which has led in the past to many deaths and injuries, notably amongst internationals Tristan Anderson, reduced to a vegetative state by a canister to the head; and Emily Henochowicz, who lost her eye after a shot to the face. Deaths among Palestinians from this have been considerable.

Brutal Israeli suppression of peaceful protest is a weekly occurrence, and has been for many years. It’s important to ensure that this gets the exposure that it deserves.

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